Saturday, 4 May 2013


Some years ago I met with the Southern Area Coordinator of UKIP at the Vivian Moon Centre in Braunton, North Devon.  I put to him that UKIP should not just be interested in the MEP elections but should create a grass roots mentality to bring on people through Parish, District and County Council Elections. A while later North Devon elected what I believe was the first UKIP District Councillor in Michael Pagram. I assisted Mr Pagram in writing his election leaflet. I do not claim anything more than being helpful with Mr Pagram's campaign, he was a lone voice for UKIPism and did not stand again for the District Council.
With the emergence of Nigel Farage, a sort of Beau Brummel of the Political world (minus the dress sense) it seems that UKIP grass roots has come of age. The gains made in the recent County Elections are a seed change in English Politics.

Perhaps I might issue another piece of advice to UKIP. You have on North Devon District Council, two Cllrs marching under the banner of  "The New Wave Independent Group" Surely it makes sense for these two to form a Group of their own on the Council under the UKIP Banner. This would serve as a focal point for the next Parish and District Elections in 2015 and may attract other Cllrs who are not happy with their Political Party. If they remain Members of UKIP (they both stood as such in the May 2nd Election and both polled a lot of votes) and try to stand as Independent in the 2015 Elections then they will surely face the charge of misleading the electorate.